Graphic Design

Whether you are a small start-up business or a large established company, your 'corporate identity’ or 'corporate image' is an important element of your business at all times. A professionally designed logo may be why potential customers call you and not your competitor!

It says something about you and how you work. We value both it's importance as a matter of image and as a marketing tool for your business. We listen to our clients ensuring we completely understand their needs and exact requirements. We browse through their current and previous designs in order to provide tweaks or we will completely redesign their corporate identity, taking into account their current market positioning.
  • Logotype
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Product Design
  • Promotional Material

As website developers, our expertise in developing graceful turnkey web applications in various web programming languages means your website can be as powerful or as flexible as you can imagine. Our programming team brings experience in virtually all major platforms and environments to your e-commerce system, your content management module or your online community.

Web design

Web programmers are the unsung heroes of the world wide web. We create the often invisible elements of your web site that make it more useful than just a nice looking web design. From storing names and sending out emails to processing orders, it all comes from the programmers, and often the proficiency of the programmers behind the scenes is what ultimately makes the difference in whether or not your online business is successful.

Domain Names

We offer 30 different Tp Level Domain Registrations to iprove your vital Internet Presense. You want to be in control of your domain names? Basementality brings all different interfaces and rules of Registries for all kind of domain names worldwide together, in one clear and simple registration method. The registration of all types of domain names are handled in exactly the same manner, and of course with the contact data you desire for your domain names. We offers you the most freedom and the highest speed for the management in domain names registration and changing of your domains.