About Us

Welcome to Basementality Online! After years of hard work in the background, behind the scenes, in the depths of the underground – it is time to surface. The result of the struggle in the ever hardening music-industry brings with it a fresh wind of change. The new website is planned to serve as a network foundation where people share resources and empower themselves with means to progress whatever endevours they are on.

ImageAs you probably DON’T know, Basementality is an organization with music as it’s number one priority. For us, the financial aspect of music making is a necessity rather than a priority. By empowering you with the right tools of the trade, you can now recieve full control over the projects you are working on. This approach maintains the credibility and originality of the music itself. We never get involved in the creative process mor than facilitating you with the end-result. Your ideas – our vision. Your business – our pleasure. Thus, our goal is to preserve the individual in todays expanding mass-media universe together with you.

We specilalize in what we do best; finding the niches in the ever-expanding market. With the internet revolution, the changes are making our world a smaller place. By connecting you with the best and cheapest means of reaching the same or even better results we hope that the future belongs to us – those that beleive in their dreams.

We will constantly work on presenting you the most current products and services together with the freshest new media-material. All sections will be updated concurrently and we hope to make sure that you have full access to what we can provide for you!


Basementality started out as the idea that whatever you want do do – you have to do it yourself. It is a true story of who’s who in the Scandinavian HipHop game. Right before the Millennium shift of year 2000, three students at the International School at SSHL (Sigtuna, Sweden) decided that they wanted to contribute to the Independent Hip-Hop Scene in Sweden. After the recording of a excusive track for the legendary Seven deadly samourais of Stockholm Mixtape, Rappers K-Real and Double H, teamed up with Claes Uggla (now JuJu Records) to form something that mentally was to resemble a place where you would work on dirty, hard-hitting music and chill out and network/socialize at the same time; what better place than your Basement?
The Basementality was founded and carried on to change shapes and means of operation. Slowly new members/affiliates would join the group to help create and shape today’s music-scene in Sweden. The Basement Mixtape idea was born and Bananrepubliken, the BMG shotoff run by Petter and Pee Wee took the project under it’s wing. At the same time K-real recorded and released his first demo entitled ‘School Of Thought’, produced by Supasci (formelry Supascientifiku) and DJ Large with guest appearances by Kashal-Tee and others. By the same time the music careers of then Special Blend (now Fjarde Varlden, Sam-E and others) fused together with Basementality to create a new direction for the movement. The first Demo of Sam-E was released on the label as an independent release. K-real’s departure to Canada and Cleas new job at Juju Records together with the likes of Timbuktu, Breakmekanix to name a few, further differentiated the direction. Sam-E released his debut album on Streetzone records and Fjarde Varlden were now signed to JuJu.
In Canada however, K-Real was working on his debut album ‘Realization’. Finding that Canadian CD Prices were so low that it made no sense NOT to relase an album, the disc which featured artists such as VG Skillz, Jugga Da Bully, DJ Amato, Beatsurgeons, Moonshine and more. Upon his return to Sweden, K-Real and Sam-E were now touring the country with the likes of Petter and Ken Ring, Ison & Fille and more. With their new connections the stranded project of the Basement Mixtape was reborn on a train journey from Gothenburg to Stockholm. Within only two months the project was released and incuded appearances by American artists such as F.T., Akrobatik, Rise’n'Shine, Zion-I, together with Scandinavias best Paragon, Glacius the Icy, Shiny Dayz, Mad Con, Ken Ring, Double H, Sub Fu Dogg, Diceptagon and many more. By that time, the apparent shortage of live music clubs in the country gave birth to the monthly HipHop Live club at Alcazar Nalen. During it’s year of excistance the stage was graced by the likes of Akem, Skoob Rock, Blackfist, Perverted Monks, Ison & Fille, Highwon, Paragon, Twiice, Astma, Medina, Fattaru, Cami, Glacius the Icy, JayJson, Flame, Henok, Chris Rel and numerous others. During this era the mixtapes of Medina, Glacius the Icy (GtiCy) and Cami were released on the label. K-Real also signed a one year management deal in Germany with 7ter Stock based in Cologne which resulted in tours around Germany and the Checz Republic with Rico Wondahman and Shiny Dayz.

Today, Basementality is a background mechanism to promote dope music – that’s that. We know where it’s coming from and we can help the artists to push it. Simple but brilliant! Be a part of the movement today by Registering and joining our network!