CD / DVD Replication Services

Basementality Intl Corp is a CD Replication & Duplication Services company for CD ROM, Audio CD, Software CD and Video CD Products and Services operating from a strategical location in Malaysia, with immiediate shipping possibilities Worldwide. Having been in the CD and DVD Replication & Duplication  business for over ten years.  As the digital world moves things faster and faster it is almost a science to keep up with the pace of today's changes. Being specialized in our field we promise to make certain you recieve the best possible product for the lowest price attainable, thus understanding the need for the competitive edge that you must have in order to stand out from the crowd. We will get you your top quality custom made CDs to your door - at the best price you will ever see!CD-replication
Our facilities include our own mastering machine (where a stamper, or some will call it a mould is done with the exact data as of the master disc), our own replication line (where replica is moulded out from the stamper we did in the glass mastering process) and offset technology printing line using the best Offset Printing Machine in the world (where offset dry on dry technology is used to print on the CD) all under one roof. DVD Duplicator and Replication technology is similarly completed with the maximum in-house operation to attain the cheapest product with the maximal quality; just the product you would like to see. With two ISO certificates, we can assure that you get the best quality (ISO 9001:2000) and environment friendly (ISO 14001) CD Products. Our ISO certificate is certified by the well known certification body Lloyds. Our formats range from Video CD, Audio CD, Software CD, Installation software, education CD, music CD, entertainment CD, movies, video and etc.

Choosing Basementality as your CD & DVD Services Provider will ensure you get the most out of your media needs, without commiting yourself financially to overvalued products. Let us Optimize your solutions today!

After spending countless hours developing and nurturing your vision, there's nothing like seeing your DVD and CD replication project delivered to your doorstep in top form. Basementality has the ability to turn on a dime when you say "go" and deliver your DVD and CD replication goods close to home or around the globe.

We use a comprehensive barcode system to track your product's movements and inventory level. This system is integrated with those of our global delivery partners to ensure your product is delivered on time and without incident.

Basementality offers a variety of distribution methods including:

  • Drop ship to one or more locations
  • Direct-to-Retail
  • Ship by unit to single destinations
  • Postal distribution
  • Customs clearance & other international requirements

Please contact us for more information.